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How to Unbind (Unlink) PUBG Mobile KR Account

how to unbind unlink pubg mobile account
Unbind Account in PUBG Mobile Korea 

It’s possible to unlink or unbind account in PUBG Mobile from social media?
The answer is “yup you can! but this feature it’s only for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan. Maybe PUBG Mobile Global on the next update.

As I tell you from other posts, the PUBG Mobile KrJp is lots of features, the unbind or unlinked account is the new features after the 0.14.0 patch update.

The PUBG Mobile Korea comes with some special features that isn’t available at the Global or Vietnamese version. This’s why I love this version XD

Well, actually this feature has been available after 0.14.0 update and I just wrote the tutorial now hahaha XD, maybe you all already know this feature but I’m not sure about PUBG Mobile Global players, the feature isn’t available there.

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So, for PUBGM KR players who are don’t know how to Unlink the social media account, this’s good news for account seller XD. Here’s the tutorial!


Before you unlink your account, remember you can only unlinked account once per month in 1 account, So if today you unbind the A account, you still can unbind the B account, but still once per month!

  • Open your PUBG Mobile KRJP and Log In to account with Social Media that you want to Unbind it

Look, there is some difference between Korean and Japanese server, the Korean server (without using a VPN) only provides a few social media accounts to linked such Facebook account, Google Play Games, Twitter. And if you use the Japanese VPN, there is a “Line” for others’ choices.

  • Go to “Settings” and “Bind” your account with new “Social Media Account
unbind account pubg
unlink account pubgm
  • Log Out the game
  • Log In again with the new “Social Media” account that you done linked before
unbind pubg mobile account
  • Go to the “Settings
  • Hit the “Unlink” button beside the Social Media account
unbind account pubg mobile korea
  • Hit “Continue
unbind pubg
  • And Hit “OK
unlink pubg
  • Wait and the account will be unlinked
How to Unbind PUBG Mobile KR Account
  • Done!
Now you have done the tutorial!
Remember, you need to linked 2 social media account before unlink it. If you want to unlink B one, you should log in with A. If you want to unlink A, log in with B. this’s easy XD
Have a problem or anything to ask me?
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See ya next time!

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