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7 Ways How to Take Screenshot on Android Easily

how to screenshot on Android
 How to Screenshot on Android 

How to Take Screenshot on Android? Did you know it?
OK! I think many people already know to take a screenshot with Android, but did you know there are some methods to taking a screenshot on Android?

Android – is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software and is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Wikipedia

For new Android users, don’t worry about the features, you can operate your phone easily because the Android features are very very easy to use. for example to take a screenshot!

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Remember! Your phone maybe has special feature to take an SS, try to read the manual book or search at the settings.


Actually, to take a screenshot on an Android smartphone is very simple. Android comes with many kinds of UI, as for example is MiUI on Xiaomi, ColorOS, OneUI, EMUI, etc… and some UI has the different ways to take a Screenshot although all of them using Android as OS (Operating System).
But Android has millions of applications and features, so here I give you some method how to screenshot on Android!


The easiest and most universal way to take screenshots on your Android smartphone is by pressing the “Power (on-off button)” and the “Volume Down button”, press and hold in a few seconds at the same time.

If you use this method, you will receive a notification in the form of a camera sound, or the screen of your smartphone is suddenly white (depending on the type of smartphones), or a written notification informing you that you have successfully taken a screenshot.

This way has been done by many people, but there are some Android users themselves who don’t like this method. for example, when playing games, this is due to the user’s hand that is difficult to sync so often fails to take screenshots on their smartphones. this method also often makes us upset because of the volume bar that can sometimes appear. If you press the power button too fast then your phone will automatically turn off the screen.


Well, Samsung is using Android but has a little bit different in the screenshot section. This’s for an older version of Samsung like Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, A8 Series, and the type that without home button is using “Power Button” + “Volume Down

To take a screenshot on Samsung devices like Samsung J series or Samsung that have a home button, try to use the “Power Button” + “Home Button“.
Try to press the button at the same time and wait for a few seconds! the notification will appear if you have done it with success.


This feature can be done by those of you who use Samsung smartphones, especially the Galaxy S3 series and above.

First, Activate this feature in  Setting / Advance Features /  and turn ON Palm Swipe
or  Setting / Motions /  and turn ON Palm Swipe
or use the search bar in your setting. Some type has a different method.

Just Swipe your hand from the left side to the right side or right to left! This’s like you’re scanning on your mobile screen XD

The notification that appears on this Samsung smartphone is the same as other Android smartphones, in the form of camera sounds, flashes on the phone’s screen, or written notifications that you have taken screenshots using your smartphone. Look at your Gallery.


This method is one of the most sophisticated methods among several other ways. Yup, you should have a “Google” application on your phone and activate the Google Assistance.

Google Assistant on your phone can be activated by voice command. Just say “OK Google, Take a Screenshot!“. If you do this correctly, your phone will automatically take a screenshot and then save it in the Google Assistant GUI (Graphical User Interface).

The screenshot that you have taken becomes a shortcut in the notification panel of your smartphone. You can edit or share them with your friends by pressing the shortcut.

You can also make a back up from the screenshot that you took to Google Photos. You can do this by opening Google Photos then opening the device folder and then pressing Screenshots and pressing Back up & sync toggle. Now if you do this, your phone will automatically save screenshots on Google Photos.


This feature is for MiUI or maybe there is another product support this feature? yuppy MiUI (not all of Xiaomi/mi/Redmi), some phones like Mi A series is not support this feature because they don’t use the  MiUI.

First, open your phone, make sure the active screen is unlocked, it’s up to whether on the Xiaomi home screen or in the application. Then wipe the screen from the mid side up and down the screen with 3 fingers directly. remember directly 3 fingers are touching the screen at the same time then pull down!

After you wipe it, a notification will appear and ask you to turn ON the features. finally, select “Active/ON“.

After this… you can use this way to take the screenshot anywhere you want! if it fails, you must find the feature at the setting then turn ON it!


Yuppp, the other ways of taking a screenshot on Android is using application! you can find so many applications at the Play store. Just choose one that you like. Some Screen Recorder applications also support the “capture/screenshot” feature!


Some Smartphone has different features for taking a screenshot. For example, if you have custom ROM installed, yup… I’m using the AOSP based ROM and there are special features! you can customize your own ways to take a screenshot! and I’m using the back button. The screenshot will be taking if I press the back button for more than 3 seconds.

That’s 7 ways How to take a Screenshot on Android! There are other ways? of course yupppp!. Android has a lot of features, you can use the custom ROM to explore the other features! have you try it? XD. but use the default feature it’s enough for me XD

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See ya next time!

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