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Best Private DNS for PUBG Mobile (No Lag)

What is the best Private DNS for PUBG Mobile? There is some recommendation of DNS server you can use for free. DNS or Domain Name System is a computer server that can change the IP address into a domain address. Using the DNS service will make it easier to access the site without having to write the IP address.

So why you need to use private DNS while browsing or playing games? in the previous post, I’ve explained this, not all DNS has good stability and security. Even some ISP (Internet Service Provider) or default DNS exist that use it to block the accesses to a specific site. Here are you can read: Best DNS Servers for Better Internet & Unblocking Websites

Let’s look, for example, there is a website that is blocked in a certain country, by using custom private DNS, we no longer need to use a VPN to access the website. Similar to PUBG Mobile in India, you only need Private DNS to be able to play it again.

Best Private DNS for PUBG Mobile

Here is the top private DNS server for PUBG Mobile, Make sure to test it one by one if you don’t match based on my recommended rating below.

1. Cloudflare DNS (1st Recommended)

2. Tiar DNS (2nd Recommend)

3. Google DNS

4. Quad9 DNS

5. Adguard DNS

6. Uncensored DNS


Best DNS for PUBG Mobile in India

As you know, India has been blacklisted to access the PUBG Mobile Global if your using the default DNS, so if you wanna play it without a VPN, just use this private DNS, and voila… You can play it again!

1. Cloudflare DNS

2. Google DNS


How to use Private DNS while Playing PUBG Mobile

This tutorial can be used for Android 9, 10, 11, or above. You can’t use this method if your Android is below 9 because there is no private DNS feature available, So you should install the 3rd app, there are a lot of DNS changer app on Play Store. Just search a query “DNS Changer“, choose and install it. Then fill with the server above.


Are you running on Android 9 (Pie) or Android 10 (Q)? then you can change it in the connection setting, You don’t need any 3rd application cuz both Android has this feature.

  • Open “Settings
  • Go to “Network & Internet” settings
  • Look at the bottom, Hit on “Private DNS
  • Change from “Automatic” to “Custom
  • Fill it with one of the DNS above
  • Save

Note: if you can’t found the settings, Just search it!

For example, you wanna use the Cloudflare DNS, then just copy and paste it, SAVE!


  • G to “Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi then select the WiFi network you want to connect to
  • Tap Configure DNS
  • Then tap Manual if there are already prior settings,
  • Tap the (-) then Delete it. Tap the (+) and add Server

Note: if you can’t found the settings, Just search it!

For example, you wanna use the Cloudflare DNS, then just copy and paste it, SAVE!

Well, that’s the best 6 private DNS for playing PUBG Mobile to avoid lagging and red ping while your DNS local ISP is bad, You can choose one of the recommendations above or try it one by one.

Keep in your mind, there are some DNS that unblock the blocking website, So maybe this’s not safe for some age.

See ya next time,


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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post! I was really struggling with lag in PUBG Mobile until I tried the Private DNS you recommended. It’s been a huge difference, I can finally play without any issues. The optimization tips were also helpful

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