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How To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

A lot of factors come into play when your phone overheats – it could be from the external temperature, or it could be because of its inner workings. It could even be caused by your phone habits. Whatever the reason, overheating can be damaging to your phone’s battery, and it could even melt the processing unit in extreme cases. Save yourself from the stress and inconvenience of dealing with a faulty phone by preventing it from overheating.

How To Fix Your Phone From Overheating

This’s a lists you can do whit your overheating mobile phone when you’re playing a game or doing multitasking. Hope you like it and solve your problem with overheats!

Close background apps

Once opened, apps continue to run, even if you’re not using them. Lots of apps we regularly use like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix are in fact, big battery sappers. When these apps keep running in the background, your phone is forced to work harder, making it heat up.

The solution is very simple: Close the apps. Make it a habit to close any unused apps, and ensure that they’re closed before you open demanding gaming apps like Fortnite or Need for Speed. Doing this also helps extend your battery life.

Keep your phone out of direct sunlight

Your phone could be affected by extreme temperatures. For one, it can damage the internal components of your phone, causing data corruption or permanently slowing down its performance. Long exposure to heat may even cause battery leakage, putting you in danger.

Several people tend to place their phones on their car dashboard or on beach towels when they’re out on the beach. Avoid doing this and ensure that your phone remains in the shade where it can cool down.

Choosing the right phone

Different phones are designed to meet different needs, and for mobile gamers, it’s crucial to choose a phone with the right specs. Gaming phones are specially crafted with components for high performance and temperature control such as vents and heat-resistant PCBs. If you’re not familiar with what a PCB is, it’s a conductive board with etched tracks that give electronics their functionality. PCBs found commonly in older, lower-end phones tend to cause overheating problems, as these are made with cheaper materials.

Look out for the components inside a gaming phone, and keep an eye out for thermal regulation features. Take the newer releases from Samsung (Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20), for example, they’re outfitted with the latest technology which makes them game-ready. Another great phone would be the OnePlus 8 Pro, which has the Snapdragon 865 as its chipset.

Remove the case

While cases may be great for protecting your phone from cracks and dents, they could actually be a culprit when it comes to overheating. This is especially true for “life proof” ones which are usually heavily rubberized, blocking vents. When your phone is in heavy use, it needs to have clear channels to dissipate the heat building up.

When you feel your phone starting to overheat or if its performance starts becoming choppy, it may be a sign to take your case off and put down your phone for a few minutes. This allows the vents to do their work and help your phone cool down quicker.

Preventing your phone from overheating helps keep it healthy and ready for more gaming action, so go ahead and practice these tips.

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