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How to Open a Zip or Compressed File on iOS 13

open zip file ios 13

Hello there, Maybe you’ve read about how to open zip files on Android, but what about the iPhone? How do I open a ZIP or RAR file on iPhone with iOS 13?

iOS 13 has a lot of useful features, one of them on the compress and extract files without having to use third-party applications, we can use the built-in File Manager.

How to Compress into a Zip FIle iOS 13

You can compress a file or folder on your iPhone IOS 13 into a zip file with the following guide!

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Find the file or folder you want to compress.
  • Now, tap and hold the file or folder you want to compress and…
  • Select “Compress” at the bottom.
  • a ZIP file will be created at that time.

How to Open a Zip File iOS 13

To open the ZIP/RAR file in iOS 13 and iPad iOS 13, Please follow this method.

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad and find the file you want to extract.
  • Now, tap and hold the compressed file and you’ll find some options.
  • At the bottom, tap on “Uncompress
  • and a new folder will be created with all the contents of the file inside.

How to Open a 7z or Tar File on iOS 13

You can open this both files with “Shortcut” application 🙂

iOS 13 has a default feature for compressing or extract ZIP and RAR files. However, you can only compress a folder into a ZIP file format. This is quite adequate and works very well.

See you next time, Neko

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