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What to Do If My Android Won’t Charge

my android wont charge

The phone is now everyone’s best friend. When you wake up you’ll look for your phone. You keep holding it wherever you go. At night, you sleep next to your phone, Then you’ll get panic if it won’t charge. Many people are looking for the answers to my android won’t charge. You’re one of them; you’re here to get the same answer.

Unlike iPhone devices, Android tablets and phones usually are more prone to charging problems. What caused that problem? When I plug it in, it just won’t charge or turn on. It may look serious but actually you don’t have to leave your cozy home to get it fixed. First of all, you must figure out the reason why your android battery doesn’t charge whether when turned on or off.

Why My Android Won’t Charge

One reason why my android phone won’t charge is the software crash. Don’t worry, the crash is temporary. Another reason why my android doesn’t charge is that your device’s cache is corrupted then causes a glitch. Some other android phones go slow to 100 percent because of the power source is inappropriate or the charging adapter and cable are defective.

If your Android devices keep charge without going up, you sure can bring them to the official service centers. But they’ll probably rob you. Another way to fix my android phone won’t fully charge the problem is learning how to do it yourself. You’ll save money – lots of money. See what you can do to fix your own broken android device that will not charge fully.

How to Fix It

If your android device cannot charge because of system corruption, there’s something you can do. Just get Dr.Fone System Repair for Android. It helps you fixing all android systems like freezing devices, unresponsive devices. It is also a great solution to fix an android phone that stuck on the blue screen or Samsung logo. This software can be installed on Windows. How is this software going to help?

  • It supports the newest Samsung devices, so it can fix the charging issue of the entire Samsung tablets easily.
  • The entire system issues you found on your android system can be fixed easily with a single click, thanks to this software.
  • This software is the very first system repair for android that’s available in the market.
  • Everyone can use it easily, even though they have no technical knowledge.
  • This intuitive tool comes with good success rate.

Install this software on your personal computer first and you’re ready to fix my android won’t charge problem. Follow these steps in order to fix your android phone successfully and easily.

  1. Run the Dr.Fone System Repair for Android.
  2. Go to the tab called ‘System Repair’ and then connect your broken Android device.
  3. Tap the option called ‘Android Repair’ and click the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Mention specific details about your broken android device in the information section. And then click the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Now get your android phone ready. Enter ‘Download’ mode on your phone by pressing your ‘Home’, ‘Power’, and ‘Volume Down’ keys together for at least five to ten seconds. Then hit ‘Volume Up’ in order to enter the ‘Download’ mode.
  6. On your personal computer, click ‘Next’ so you can start downloading android firmware.
  7. Let the software verify that firmware before start repairing your android system. It is going to five the hold a charging issue on your android device.

That’s how you use wonderful software to fix the charging issue on your beloved Android device. If you have no personal computer to install the software, you need some other alternatives. Luckily, here are some other ways of fixing your android phone that’s not charging.

1. Replace your charging cable

Some charging cables become defunct or fray after long usage. Make sure you always use the original cable to charge your device. Or you can buy a charging cord that has a good quality that won’t damage either your adapter or your android device. Sometimes, charging cable’s end that’s connected to the device’s charging port is damaged. It makes the current can’t flow to your devices.

2. Clean your charging port

Your device’s charging port is small opening; it is where your charging cable’s end is inserted so that the current can flow to your android device. Oftentimes, the charging port is blocked with some tiny dirt particles. Accumulated dust and dirt make the sensors can’t receive and forward current to your android device. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or blunt pin to clean your charging port.

3. Replace your charging adapter

How to make sure that your charging adapter isn’t broken? Connect the USB or charging cable to your adapter then test it on another adapter. If the original adapter doesn’t work while the second one works properly, you absolutely need to get the other well-performed adapter. Go get another original adapter to fix the charging issue on your android device.

4. Update your android software

Check if there is a version update for your android device. If you find an update, install it immediately. Android’s software is an interface that receives the charge from sensors of the charging port then gives the command for your android device to charge. Some people who use the older software versions usually get charging issue or some other problems with their android device.

5. Hard reset your android device

This is the final option to do. Before choosing the factory reset option, you need to take all back up of your entire data. Move your data to external memory or cloud storage. Once the factory reset is performed, the entire files, data, contents, and media will be gone. Even the device settings are all wiped out so you’ll start using your phone as a new phone. I hope this fixes your charging problem.

After all the way here, it is good to turns off your device. Then charge your android device. If it is still not charging, you have to replace your android battery. If your battery cannot be changed, then it is time for a brand new phone. Hopefully, there’s no need to get a new phone since any idea above can help you to fix android won’t charge the issue.

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