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Honkai Impact 3 | The Best Action RPG Game for iOS and Android with Anime Style Character

Honkai Impact 3 – is a 3D action game developed by miHoYo with an anime art style for the mobile platform and first released in China in late 2016. It is actually the third main title in the Houkai series. The game features full-3D rendering and action-based gameplay. Wikipedia

You Guys know this game? Honkai Impact 3

This is a very very High-quality game for both Android and iOS. and now Mihoyo as the Honkai Impact’s Developer will make Honkai Impact 3 for Windows, so you can play this game on your PC without the emulators.

This’s the only game that I’ve played it since pre-login event until now! Honkai Impact 3 in the first release take less than 1GB storage, but now it’s more than 3GB on Android, it’s OK! because Honkai Impact 3 updates the patch at least once a month XD RIP my storage.

Honkai impact 3 is developed by Mihoyo and have several versions:
Honkai Impact 3 CN
Honkai Impact  3 JP
Honkai Impact 3 SEA
Honkai Impact 3rd Global
Honkai Impact 3 TW
All of that’s versions are following the CN’s version Updates.
And now this game has become part of the official ESport.
Honkai impact 3
Honkai Impact 3 has a Beautiful Graphic and smooth movement with cute characters.

The main story is about Kiana Kaslana with her friends are known as “Valkyrie (/vælˈkɪəri, -ˈkaɪri, vɑːl-, ˈvælkəri/; from Old Norse Valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live”. And a Player of this game is called as a Captain.

Honkai Impact 3 has several features such as Gacha for obtaining a Valkyrie, Stigmata, or Equipment, Co-op Multiplayer, Open World, Infinity Abyss, and event events that never run out.

Some of the Characters in Honkai Impact 3

Honkai impact 3 character
 Raiden Mei 
Honkai impact 3 character
 Bronya Zaychik 
Honkai impact 3 character
 Murata Himeko 
Honkai impact 3 character
 Fu Hua 
List of All Honkai impact 3 character

Lists of All Honkai Impact 3 Characters


Gameplay Honkai Impact 3

Honkai impact has gameplay like DMC, even skills look similar like in DMC.
You can control the character’s movement in a 360° Camera view.
there are several buttons, like attack button, evade, weapon’s skill, ultimate skill.
Also buttons for switch Valkyrie.
Honkai Impact 3 Gameplay
Honkai Impact 3 Gameplay
Honkai Impact 3 Gameplay

So, I think this’s a very good game with beautiful graphics and smooth movement’s characters.

Honkai Impact 3 is an Online Action RPG game for Android, iOS and now available for PC.
You can read minimum system requirements for PCIf you want to play Honkai Impact 3,  go to your PlayStore or AppStore and search for “Honkai Impact 3” and install it.

Let’s Have Fun Captains!
See you next time

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