What’s Shared Hosting for Smaller Business?

whats shared hosting

There’s impossible to have a website without thinking about the domain and hosting for your site. Before looking for hosting plans or packages, you need to know what kind of website you own. If this hosting is for your first website, you need a shared hosting plan. You might be wondering what’s shared hosting? Why do you have to think about shared hosting for your first site?

What’s Shared Hosting?

You sure need to know what does shared hosting means. Shared hosting is a less expensive hosting that lets many websites using one single server. The user of shared hosting usually doesn’t know what websites or who they’re sharing their server’s resources with. Every customer is going to have a limit on server resources’ total amount to use. It is going to be defined by shared hosting packaged.

Why shared hosting is the best one for your very first website? You’re about to grow one little website so you don’t need expensive hosting, so shared hosting is all you need. Unfortunately, the low cost comes with little limitations. As you keep reading, you’ll figure out some limitations given by this economical hosting.

Many hosting companies are offering the same storage and space amount for your website, so you really have to be careful in choosing a trusted company.

How Shared Hosting Works

Your very first question about what is shared hosting has been answered. Let’s move on to the second problem, how it works. Shared hosting has one server that hosts many sites. How many sites? It can be a few hundred thousand, depend on the availability of processing speed, RAM, and space of the hard drive.

Shared hosting is using one machine which is identical to a dedicated server. The resources of this shared hosting will be used by so many clients. Applications and files of every website account will be stored in the server’s separate partitions. Every separate partition comes with a specific directory tree. Don’t worry, every user has no access to the other users’ files.

The Advantages of Shared Hosting

Compared to the other hosting types including the VPS hosting, shared hosting has many advantages. What are they? Check them down.

1. Cheapest hosting ever

No matter who the provider is, shared hosting is the cheapest option. Many providers offer this shared hosting between three to ten dollars. Don’t you think this one is an excellent option for your new website?

By the way, You can take a look for Sharkhosting with the cheapest shared hosting ever.

2. Upgradable hosting package

So many hosting companies offer multiple hosting levels. This means you can go update the hosting package you chose with time. Start building a website with the incredible shared hosting is the best way you can take.

3. Easy to operate

What makes shared hosting can be managed easily? It is the features of shared hosting. Shared hosting comes with a built-in panel. The panel makes this hosting very easy to use to manage the website. It is truly the right option for those who just started their new website.

4. No maintenance necessary

There’s no need to do technical maintenance on your server end. This feature is already included in the hosting package’s part you chose. All basic administrative tasks on the server will be taken care of by the provider. If you can get one hosting with various features, why don’t you opt for another one?

5. Allows you to have many domains

Shared hosting lets you host many domains by installing those websites in the user directory. Just make sure that the domains have been purchased are all connected. This shared hosting is excellent if you have a personal website, hobbyist blog, also the business website.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Advantages never come alone. There are always disadvantages in many things, including shared hosting. It will only be fair if you also know the disadvantages of shared hosting.

1. Lower speed

The low cost usually comes with low-quality service. Some shared hosting providers won’t let the server affect the performance and speed used by every website. Yet, many providers of shared hosting cannot provide the same quality. Their server cannot provide good performance and speed for the entire websites.

2. Website traffic

If you want a large traffic amount to your website, shared hosting isn’t the best option. If you really want to get a high traffic amount, you might break the policy of fair use. Shared hosting belongs to them who are okay to get normal traffic. If you need a bigger one, go get VPS hosting or some other hosting.

3. Limited customization

Any technical requirements that are special cannot be requested if you are using shared hosting. You should not any customized software. Running an alternative OS requires you to use your server instead of a shared hosting server. You can use a physical server or virtual server since many blog builders and CMS engines are created to work with those servers.

4. Hosting support

You sure will get some supports though the hosting isn’t expensive. Just go find a hosting provider that has support agents ready to be contacted. Make sure you can contact the support easily like live chat, email, or phone.

5. Disk space

Providers of shared hosting will provide hard drive storage space. For websites have downloadable audio files or images, make sure there’s enough space. Always monitor the disk space amount that has been used and the bandwidth you use through the control panel of your shared hosting.

6. Control panel

Always get shared hosting that comes with a control panel along with the hosting plan. Control panel is a website based interface that allows users to operate and manage the server settings. This is going to help you by providing a comfortable website for our visitors.

What Is Shared WordPress Hosting

Once you’ve done checking what’s shared hosting, you may want to know the best one for your WordPress website. Here are some:

  • BlueHost with one-click installation for Word Press
  • Hostinger with unlimited bandwidth and thirty gigabytes disk
  • HostGator with free blog tools for Word Press
  • GoDaddy with faster loading times
  • A2 Hosting that has all-time support through email, chat, and phone
  • Network Solutions with professional templates
  • Sharkhosting with cheap price

Make a list of everything you need from hosting. Then go get shared hosting that meets all the criteria you wrote. Any suggestions?

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