What Is Virtual Reality That’s Getting More and More Famous

What Is Virtual Reality

When I first heard about Virtual Reality, I thought it was just a property used by gamers to enjoy their games. But when I look for more details about what is Virtual Reality, I realized that it is not that simple. Lucky you, you’ll get complete information about this technology on this page. Figure out everything you want to know about it before deciding to try this technology.

What Is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is also known as VR. It is using computer technology in order to create a simulated environment. This technology is going to place you inside experience. If you are used to playing games on the television screen, this new technology is going to make you feel like you’re in the game. What can Virtual Reality do? It is simulating many senses to make you feel like the game is real.

VR is going to let you taste the 3D game through senses like smell, touch, hearing, and vision. It is way more fascinating compared to the traditional game you watch on screen. There’s another technology called Augmented Reality. What is that? What’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? Before talking about that, let’s see who invented Virtual Reality.

History of Virtual Reality

Ivan Sutherland along with Bob Sproull and some other students created the very first display system that’s mounted on the head. This was used in applications of immersive simulation. They invented this in 1968. That technology was primitive not only in user interface terms but also in visual realism. Besides, the device was truly heavy. It was called The Sword of Damocles.

The industry of Virtual Reality mainly provided the VR devices between 1970 and 1990 for the purposes of military training, automobile industry, flight simulation, and medical. Jaron Lanier was the one popularizing the Virtual Reality term somewhere in the 1980s. He founded VPL Research Company in 1985 then developed some VR devices such as DataGlove, AudioSphere, and EyePhone.

Then in 1988, Autodesk has a project called Cyberspace Project that implemented Virtual Reality technology on personal computers. Consumer headset was first released for widespread commercials in the 1990s. Sega announced the Sega Virtual Reality headset in 1991. It completed the visor with LCD screen, stereo headphones, along with inertial sensors.

What Is Virtual Reality Technology

The technology used in VR is called HMD or head-mounted display. Virtual content is actively displayed onto room-sized screens by the automatic virtual environments of CAVE. This technology is extremely fun for gaming. Is there any connection between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? Yes, they’re like one coin’s two sides.

Virtual Reality is creating an artificial environment that you can inhabit. Augmented Reality is simulating artificial objects only in a real environment. In the VR, the computer is using math and sensors. Eyes of the user are located in a simulated environment. When the user turns his head, the graphics will react accordingly. VR technology is creating an interactive and convincing world for users.

In the AR, the computer uses algorithms and sensors in order to determine the orientation and position of the camera. Then the technology of AR will render 3D graphics. The 3D graphics will then appear from the camera’s viewpoint, superimposing images that are generated by computer over the view of users of the real world. You’ve read about who created VR technology and about AR technology at once.

It is time to know how much is Virtual Reality and how this technology is applied.

The Uses of Virtual Reality

1. Entertainment Applications

Mostly, VR technology is used in 3D cinema and video games. 3D cinemas use this technology for sporting events, short films, music videos, and fine art. Started in 2015, theme parks and roller coasters have incorporated this VR technology in order to match the haptic feedback with visual effects. Absolutely, gaming will be extremely fun with VR goggles.

2. Psychology and Social Sciences Applications

VR offers excellent tools for educational purposes. It can be used to study as well as replicate the interactions in a controlled environment. You can also use VR as a form of therapeutic intervention. There’s VRET or Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. It is a therapy to treat anxiety disorders like phobias and PTSD.

3. Rehabilitation Processes

Rehabilitation processes with Virtual Reality can help elderly individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease. VR technology gives the elderly patients a chance to simulate the real experience they can’t experience because of their state. There were 17 studies done with controlled trials show that the applications of VR are effective to treat cognitive deficits.

4. Medical Applications

In the 1990s, the simulated Virtual Reality surgical environments have been developed. Virtual Reality is able to provide repeatable and effective training under the experts’ supervision. This low-cost training allows the trainees to realize errors and amend them when they occur. In the 2000s, physical rehabilitation started using Virtual Reality.

5. Educational Applications

Virtual Reality is an excellent option to teach primary education, military, anatomy teaching, astronaut training, miner training, flight simulators, driver training, bridge inspection, and architectural design. The engineering systems of immersive Virtual Reality let the engineers see the virtual prototypes through the VR glasses.

6. Fine Art Applications

Virtual word of fine art was created somewhere in the 1970s. Artistic programs produced as technology developed throughout the 1990s. In the middle of 2010s, museum settings have been completed with Virtual Reality.

7. Marketing Applications

The growing market for Virtual Reality presents digital marketing opportunities and alternative channels. It is supposed to make people purchase things online through e-commerce. Yet, in 2018, the study proved that many people still buy goods in physical stores.

It is impossible that you’re still wondering about what is Virtual Reality. And though you’ve read the entire details about Virtual Reality, you might still wonder about can Virtual Reality be dangerous. It is actually a brand new technology. Find complete guides about how to use it according to your needs.

YouTube has many videos that help you find the right VR that meets your need. Just type ‘360° video’. You might be the best teacher to teach your students in a new style with this technology. Who knows?

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