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The Best Japanese Song Recommendations

The Best Japanese Song Recommendations
 Best Japanese Songs 

The Japanese’s language is beautiful, Change my mine XD

I don’t know why, but I feel like that when listening to the song with the Japanese language.
This’s because I watch too much Anime, so the Japanese Language is so familiar now, Maybee XD

By the way, if we talking about Japanese songs, you guys know about Vocaloid, right?

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software. Its signal processing part was developed through a joint research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain in 2000 and was not originally intended to be a full commercial project. Wikipedia

Vocaloid has several famous characters like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len, Gumi/Megpoid, IA, Megurine Luka, Kaito, And other all.

And maybe you guys know about Utau?

UTAU is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to the VOCALOID software, with the difference being it is shareware instead of under a third party licensing. Wikipedia

UTAuloid has at least 50 different audio files that can be used, consisting of Japanese syllables. Yup, we can say, this’s the free version of Vocaloid, Some best character VoiceBank: Yamine Renri, Namine Ritsu, Mawarine Shuu. Their voice is more realistic than Vocaloid VoiceBank I think…


Well, I not only give the recommendations for Vocaloid/Utaloid songs but all songs with Japanese language XD

25. Rose Strike – EasyPop & Megurine Luka
24. Ninelie – Aimer ( Ending Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress )
23. Black Rover – Vicke Blanka ( Opening 3 Black Clover )
22. Brave Song – Tada Aoi ( Ending Angle Beats )
21. FLASH – Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len byPLAMA
20. Gravity Wall – Hiroyuki Sawano ( Opening Re:Creators )
19. Hero’s Come Back – Nobodyknows+ ( Opening Naruto Shippuuden )
18. Hotaru – Fujita Maiko
17. Infinity – Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len by PLAMA
16. Just Awake – Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas ( Ending Hunter x Hunter 2011 )
15. Kokoronashi – Hanatan
14. Let Me Hear – Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas ( Opening Parasyte the Maxim )
13. Love Words – Hatsune Miku
12. Miiro – AKINO from Bless4 ( Opening Kancolle )
11. Nocturnal – Hatsune Miku by RyuRyu
10. Rolling Girl – Mawaine Shuu by Kyaami
9. Sh0ut – Hiroyuki Sawano ( Opening 2 Re:Creators )
8. Turn Up the Music – SHACHI
7. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo – Linked Horizon ( Opening Shingeki no Kyojin S2 )
6. Sugar-Free – Kagamine Len V4X Power by PLAMA
5. Uchiage Hanabi – DAOKO x Kenshi Yonezu ( OST Uchiage Hanabi )
4. Hoshi to Kimi ga Kieta Hi – Yousa ( Theresa’s Theme Song )
3. Yume Tourou – RADWIMPS ( Opening Kimi no Nawa )
2. LET IT OUT – Fukuhara Miho ( Ending 2 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood )
1. Gimmie Gimmie – Hatsune Miku by Kyaami

That’s the best Japanese songs on my playlists LOL XD
Any recommendations? Type in the comment.
I’m sorry if there is a mistype, either the song title, the artist’s name, or creator’s name not listed

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Have a nice day!
See you again

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