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Paraphrasing App For Android Users That will Help Them to Make Their Content Unique

Everyone doesn’t have access to a laptop or a desktop computer. But nowadays, everyone has smartphones (especially Android smartphones). So, using a paraphrasing tool/application on Android smartphones sounds more affordable than using the rephrasing tools on laptops or computers. That is why let’s discuss the top three entries for the “paraphrasing app for Android users that will help them to make their content unique” list.


Paraphrasing App for Android Users that will Help them to Make their Content Unique:


  • Paraphrasing Tool – AI-Based

The first paraphrasing app for free downloading on this list is considered the best paraphrasing app for android. Its name is “Paraphrasing Tool – AI-Based. As the name suggests, it is an artificial intelligence-based application that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to paraphrase the inputted text.

In addition to the app, there is a paraphraser that will help you to paraphrase the content online using pc. The paraphrased content written by paraphrasing tool will be best and plagiarism free. However to make it according to your own choice you can edit it a little bit. At one time you can use 500 words for paraphrasing while if you want more, it may ask you to go with the pro version.

The reasons for putting this application on the first list are several. So, let’s see those reasons through the benefits and features of this application.

Benefits of Using “Paraphrasing Tool – AI-Based”:

  • This application offers several functionalities to its users, as it contains three paraphrasing modes:
  • Fluency – this model focuses on creating fluent paraphrased content.
  • Standard – this mode relies on its standard abilities to rephrase the text because producing human-readable content is its end goal.
  • Creative – this mode reduces the chances of plagiarism because it uses high-end and fancy vocabulary to paraphrase the uploaded text. Hence, it produces the most unique content.
  • The AI-based Paraphrasing Tool of Enzipe Apps allows the users to paraphrase the content of 5000 characters at once. So, you can rephrase a text file of 700-1250 words with this application.
  • Users can also upload the Microsoft Word or PDF files directly into this application for paraphrasing its content.
  • Another reason for putting this application on the top spot is its unique paraphrasing mechanism. Unlike most applications, this app uses context-based paraphrasing instead of synonyms-based paraphrasing. So, it will rephrase the content based on its context.
  • Once you have paraphrased a piece of content using this application, you can save the content as a PDF file.
  • You can also print a copy of the paraphrased content (directly) with the help of this application.
  • This application is entirely free.

Now, let’s see the downsides of this android application.

Downsides of Using “Paraphrasing Tool – AI-Based”:

  • Its ‘Fluency’ and ‘Creative’ paraphrasing modes ruin the readability of content. So, I recommend using its ‘Standard’ paraphrasing mode.
  • There are no additional features in this application.
  • There is no option to change the language of the paraphrased text in this application. So, this application restricts the users to the English language only.
  • Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check by Eddie Apps Studio:

The second android application of the “paraphrasing app for Android users that will help them to make their content unique” list is one of the most highly rated paraphrasing tools available on the Google Play Store. Its name is “Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check.

Eddie Apps Studio has developed this application as a multi-purpose android application because it has several features other than the paraphrasing module. So, let’s see the benefits of this application through its features.

Advantages of Using “Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check”:

  • Like most applications, this application also allows the users to import the ‘.pdf’ and ‘.txt’ files. However, if you don’t want to upload the text, you can type raw text using its ‘Phrase Text’ module. So, it is pretty handy.
  • Apart from rephrasing or paraphrasing, this tool can translate your typed or uploaded document into other languages. So, users will not face any language barrier issues in this tool.
  • Users can even utilize the text from a picture because this tool can easily extract the text from an image.
  • There is a ‘History’ module in this application, which keeps the record of all operations you have performed in this application. So, even if you have accidentally deleted the paraphrased content, you can access that content again through this application.
  • Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check also contains a dark mode, which will be valuable for people who prefer working at night.
  • Users can also input the raw text through voice commands because this application also contains a ‘Voice Recognition’ module.
  • Once you have paraphrased the content, you can save the rephrased content as a ‘.pdf’ or ‘.txt’ file.
  • Due to its several additional features, I have put this on the second spot instead of the last spot.
  • This application is available for free of cost.

But this application is not perfect at all because there are a few drawbacks that could be a deal-breaker for some users.

Drawbacks of Using “Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check”:

  • The application doesn’t allow the users to upload or save the paraphrased content from a document file.
  • There are no separate paraphrasing modes in this application. So, its paraphrasing capability is not as effective as the AI-based Paraphrasing Tool of Enzipe Apps.
  • Although the company has tagged this application as a plagiarism checker, I couldn’t find the plagiarism checking module in Paraphraser & Plagiarism Check by Eddie Apps Studio. So, either the company has a bad naming strategy, or the plagiarism checker module is under maintenance.
  • Spin Rewriter GOLD by INFINET d.o.o.:

The last paraphrasing app on this list is a gold-plated version of the web and smartphone version of Spin Rewriter. Its name is “Spin Rewriter GOLD.

Although users can download this paraphrasing tool app for free, they will have to create an account for using it. So, let’s see the features of this application through its benefits.

Pros of Using “Spin Rewriter GOLD”:

  • Similar to the web and smartphone variants, the gold-plated version of Spin Rewriter also uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology to spin the content. So, because of the ENL Semantic Spinning, this application focuses on the meaning of every word to produce human-readable content.
  • Like the first application, this application includes three different paraphrasing levels:
    • Low.
    • Medium.
    • High.

*** Important: The higher difficulty level you will pick, the more unique and less readable content it will produce ***

  • Sometimes a few words describe the entire context of the text. So, users can prevent those words while paraphrasing through this application.
  • Once the application has paraphrased a piece of content, users can still edit the paraphrased content because the application gives the option of choosing suitable synonyms for the rephrased words. This feature will be valuable to increase the readability of the text.
  • Users can also generate a summary of the paraphrased text using this application.

Like the first two applications, this application also has a few drawbacks.

Negatives of Using “Spin Rewriter GOLD”:

  • Its paraphrasing mechanism is more complex than the other two applications because it allows the users to choose whether they want to paraphrase the content at the sentence or paragraph level.
  • It is not entirely free. So, that is the only reason for putting this application in the third and last spot.

Final Verdict:

The paraphrasing apks or android paraphrasing applications are an affordable solution to the web and desktop paraphrasing tools. Although this list is not a thorough list of best paraphrasing apps, still the AI-based Paraphrasing tool of Enzipe Apps is considered the best paraphrasing app available for free. Its paraphrasing mechanism is also suitable.

You can also use the gold-plated version of Spin Rewriter. But you will have to create an account and purchase some of its features. Plus, if you are a beginner, you won’t understand the paraphrasing mechanism of Spin Rewriter GOLD because it has a complex rephrasing mechanism.

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