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How to Install PUBG Mobile China (Game for Piece) on Android

How to Install PUBG Mobile China
 How to Download PUBG Mobile China (Game for Piece) 

Hi survivor! Did you know the PUBG Mobile was blocked in China? so the Developer change the name of PUBG into “Game for Piece

This’s the first version of PUBG Mobile and of course, this version will get the first update before the Global or Korean version.

The UI appearance is a little different from the Global/VN/KR version, and the graphics are a bit lighter. The language is Chinese only!

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It’s easy to download “Game for Piece” to your phone, we use the 3rd app (Tap Tap), with this application, you’ll be allowed the download to external SDcard, and automatically installed after downloading.

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Why not using the Play Store?
You need a Chinese VPN if you want to install it from Play Store and it will be a little bit confusing if you’re new. So let’s do with this way!


  • First, Install the Tap Tap application HERE
  • Open and go to Settings / Install and Download
How to Install PUBG Mobile China (Game for Piece)
  • Then Turn OFF the “Auto Delete Apks
How to Install Game for Piece

“This’s because if you had a installation problem, the APK you’ve downloaded will not be deleted for autommatically!”

  • Then search for “Game for Piece
How to Install PUBG China
  • Choose it
  • Hit Install!
How to downloadPUBG Mobile China (Game for Piece)
  • Wait until done

 “The application will be installed automatically and the OBB data too!”

OK! That’s easy. If you have a problem when installing the APK, maybe your storage is not much! You can still install it again without re-download it. Open the Tap application, Hit at “My Games”, look at the Top-right, Hit the “Download” button, Install again from there. And make sure you’ve prepared the storage!

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That’s how to download ‘Game for Piece’!

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