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PUBG Mobile Banned in India! Fix & Solution

pubg banned in india

Hi survivors! how are you? we got a bad news for our teammates. PUBG Mobile banned India from their server. OK! let me exlain alittle bit. This’s political issue, I think you already know about the problem. Thi’s because PUBG Mobile published by a Chinese’s companion, Tencent! And yup, there are some app published by Chinese’s publisher got banned from India. So this’s just a political issue.

So what about the PUBG Mobile KrJp that published by PUBG Corporation from Korea? Have you try to play it? I’ve played PUBG Kr since 2nd Season btw. i already brake up with global version XD. But it still hard for those burn a money for global version. Hope they release the new one with other publisher from other country and let us play the game without any troubles.

And for now, let’s try some methods below.

How to Download PUBG Mobile in India

Of course, you can’t find PUBG Mobile in Play Store. So you need to download and install from other sources such a 3rd app like TapTap, QooApp, or Apkpure. I’ve completely explaining how to download PUBG Mobile KR for Android. Just do a same thing but choose a PUBG Mobile Global. Skip to below step if you’ve PUBG Mobile installed on your Android.

How to Enter PUBG Mobile in India Region

How to play PUBG Mobile in India after got Banned? So, basically if you login with normal, You can’t enter a game, there is a notification appear on your eye. “Conection error, blablabla”. Well, we gonna try some methods below. Of course, you can play using VPN also, but the ping is gonna be red XD, how about using VPN premium with server neers to India? I don’t know.

1. Using a Custom DNS on Android

However, not all DNS has good stability and security. Even some ISP (Internet Service Provider) or default DNS exist that use it to block the accesses to a specific site or PUBG server. So Custom DNS server is required.

Actually, you can configure DNS settings manually or use multiple DNS applications but in Android 9 and Q there is a Private DNS feature.

Best DNS Servers

Cloudflare DNS (recommended)

Adguard DNS (With AdBlocker)

Uncensored DNS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Google DNS

Quad9 DNS

If you running on Android 9 (Pie) or Android 10 (Q)? then you can change it in connection setting, You don’t need any 3rd application cuz both Android has this feature.

  • Open “Settings
  • Go to “Network & Internet” settings
  • Look at the bottom, Hit on “Private DNS
  • Change from “Automatic” to “Custom
  • Fill it with one of DNS above. Reccomended using
  • Save
  • Try to run PUBG Mobile

2. Using a Custom DNS App on Android

If you running on Android 9 below, then you should install the 3rd app, there are a lot of DNS changer app on Play Store. Just search a query “DNS Changer“, choose and install it. Then fill with the server above. Or simply you can install  (Download Here) app with one click feature.

Why Using a DNS Instead VPN?

I’ve told you, the VPN will give you a high ping because your connection gonna request to VPN server before PUBG server. And will give you a damn red ping. So, reccomended to using the private DNS or Custom DNS instead VPN.

So, I don’t think the PUBG Corporation will give up for India. There’re a rumor PUBG Mobile will be releaed again with new publisher.

Do you play PUBG Mobile KR? How about PUBGM KR? The publisher is PUBG Corporation, not TenCent. Are you able to Enter the game? Drop your commnet below…


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