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How to Reverse Search With Image, What Picture is This?

How to Search Image/Picture Source
 How to Known What Picture is This 

Telegram – the cool and fast instant messaging application for Android, iOS, Windows (NT, Phone), macOS, Linux. You can easily send a text message, file, picture, audio, sticker, etc.

Also so many BOT from Telegram created by users that you can use for free!
And for a tutorial to search the source of the picture, we’ll use one of Telegram Bot.

The bot is called Reverse Search Bot. As the name, REVERSE

Reverse Search is the opposite of searching by inserting/type the text or keyword in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, Yandex, etc. We’ll search by uploading a picture.

For what?
Sometimes, you need to know “what picture is this!” or “Who the artist made this!” (The picture).
For that reason, you must upload the image/picture to “Google Reverse Search“. But I think that’s not accurate.

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And let’s try this BOT, I’ve tried this bot to search the source of some image and the result are very good

  • Open your Telegram application
  • Search for @reverseSearchBot
How to Search Image/Picture Source
  • Just Upload/Send the picture/image that you want o search
How to Search Image/Picture Source
  • The Bot will search the source from the image, just wait and taraaaa…
How to Search Image/Picture Source
  • The Bot will give you the source like “Artist“, or sites like “Pixiv“, “Danbooru“, MAL, Etc...
  • If the source isn’t found, the Bot will give you a link for Google Reverse Search
How to Search Image/Picture Source
The Telegram has a lot of features, Reverse Search Bot is one of them.
Wanna joining the Telegram? it’s free to use.

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