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What Anime is this? How to Find out Unknown Anime Title

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How to Find out Unknown Anime Title
What Anime is This? 

How to Find out Unknown Anime Title?


The legend question for Anime lovers is “What Anime is this?” or “Gimme the Sauce!” XD
There is the legend question that many found at the Otaku’s forums.

Unfortunately, most of the members it doesn’t give the sauce correctly. They’ll give you the wrong title like “Boku no P***” or others shit title.
Seriously! I won’t tell my story” -_-

But you can use this method to know the title of anime! yup, we’ll use the Telegram’s Bot! It’s same as “Reverse Search“. You just need to upload or forward the screenshot or anime picture that you want to know the title.

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I think this’s the best method, You also can search the anime title with “Google Reverse Search” but This way is better XD


 Make sure you have the Telegram application and account!

  • Open the Telegram application
  • Search for “@WhatAnimeBot” and enter the chat
How to Find out Unknown Anime Title
  • Send the screenshot of an anime or forward from other chat
How to Find out Unknown Anime Title
  • Wait for it… The bot will process your request
How to Find out Unknown Anime Title
  • And the Bot will give you the Title of Anime, Episode & Minute with a short video
find out unknow anime tittle
It’s easy, right?
You can also look at the similarity percentage.
Make sure to send the good quality of the picture or you’ll make confusing the bot and give you the wong sauce! XD
Have a problem or anything to ask me?
Just type in the comment below.
See ya next time!

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  • I've been using this bot for a while and this bot works well even for anime that is still airing.
    Btw i i have a suggestion about post, how about making a comparison between each options in apps like gfxt**l for PUBG Mobile XD

  • Yup I'll make if I can. The last I tried some applications like BAG* or GFX **** isn't work for my phone because my PUBGM obb and data is in SDcard XD my internal storage is full :'(

  • I found another useful bot UwU .
    After finding the anime title that you are looking for on @WhatAnimeBot , you certainly want to find out info about the anime, so to make it simpler u can use @NepgearBot to find an info about that anime or even u can find other info(manga, airing anime and anime chara)