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How to Edit Visual Content: Video Editing Tips and Tricks

The use of video content is now widespread and one of the best mediums to communicate. Be it on social media or websites, by small business owners or big brands; everyone is now inclined to use video content. All statistics show that video content is the future. But one area where many people get stuck in editing video content. True, there are multiple online video editors that are feature-rich, but is that the only thing required? 

To create good video content, there are two things that you must do: first, shooting, and then, editing. Neither can be neglected or taken lightly. So, if you want to edit your visual content like a professional, here are some quick tips and tricks that can be helpful.

Video Editing Tips and Tricks

  • Choose the right editor

One of the essential things to professionally edit video content is to choose the right software or online video editor. There are a lot of these available in the market, but you will have to select one that suits your needs. Every user has a different editing style, which is why you need to look for one that suits your style. If you are starting up your career as a video editor, it is better to look for easy-to-use software.

  • Learn the shortcuts

Right from the very beginning, it is an excellent practice to learn the basics speedily and know the shortcuts of an online video editor. Understanding and using shortcuts will not only reduce the time and effort but also streamline your process. For example, you can use the ‘L’ button to speed up your playback music insertion. Look for other such shortcuts.

  • Watch editing tutorials

You must know a few tricks of editing, but learning more will be better. You don’t have to worry, even if you are just starting your career as a video editor. There are hundreds of tutorials available on YouTube and many other platforms. In fact, you can search for the editor online and be instantly bombarded with plenty of tutorials, hacks, and tips. So, learn through other videos and then start working on yours. You can also check websites like Skillshare and Video Copilot, as they have many tutorial videos for beginners and experienced editors.

  • Learn the jargon

When it comes to video editing tips, one thing that you will find everywhere is the use of jargon. If video editing is going to be your career, you will need to learn and use these terms more than ever. It not only helps in editing the video better but also in communicating with other editors and clients. Some of the basic terms that you need to know are jump cuts, montage, cutting on action, match action and match cut, J Cut, L Cut, and many more. Whichever online video editor or software you use, most of these terms remain the same. So do not worry about deciding on an editor based on this.

  • Learn to color correct your video clips

There are so many things that you need to keep in mind while editing a video, like the correct sequence, adding audio, using SFX if required, and so much more. But do you know what’s more important? Understanding how to color correct your videos. Undoubtedly, colors are a significant element of your videos, and the final look will positively impact the viewers. 

When you use the right colors, you evoke just the desired emotion and set the mood for the viewer to connect with your content. When your video is immersive, people will love watching it. Also, understand the meaning, use, and application of color grading. This will be very helpful for you as a video editor. 

  • Select good and relatable music

Without a doubt, using good, relatable, and appropriate background music is of equal importance for a video. If you are starting your video editing career, then make sure you understand how music can enhance your video. If you focus solely on good visuals, your output might not create the desired impact, but the right music can change that.

There are several tutorials on YouTube and other websites where professionals review and explain the importance of having good music in a video. Also, there are videos to help newcomers pick the right music based on the video type. 

For editors launching their channel on a specific theme, using relatable music is of utmost importance. Every video will have some services, products, or information you wish to give to your viewers, and the right music can make a big difference.

  • Adding text as well as graphics

With better advancements in videography and animation, VFX and graphics have now become more important than ever. Although you may find so many online video editors with fantastic features, you should also be able to use them judiciously.

The texts or graphics you include in your video will highly depend on the type of film you are making. Whether you are creating a video that requires opening and closing lines or one that needs subtitles, the trick is to use these features to your advantage and depending on your requirement. Presentation is critical for any video.


These are some top tips that a video editor should follow to create engaging and good content. These are the basic criteria that will help you start your editing journey the right way. Mastering these seven crucial points will cover your video editing, correction, audio editing, and improvising techniques. Once you have understood how to use these tricks, keep experimenting and learning to get better at it.

The above-listed tricks are just a few of many that are pretty important for beginners. If you have already worked on editors, you may already know a few hacks. You can check whether these are there in your list of ‘known tricks’ or not. If not, integrate them into your knowledge repository and work so that your work becomes not only better but also impressive and quick.

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