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How to Format SD Card on Android, Mac, and Windows

format sd card on mac, android, windows
 How to Format SD Card 

One of the most effective ways to clean up data and viruses on a MicroSD / SD Card is to format it.
Reformatting is a way to restore the storage memory to an empty condition with certain types of storage. This can be done to correct some of the problems that often occur in storage media.

For now, formatting a microSD card can be done in many ways. In fact, users can do it through Android, Windows, or Mac devices.

Formatting the SD Card will delete everything on your SD Card, so make sure to backup your data before format it!

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How to format an SD card? SD Card is a removable storage media for cameras, phones or tablets. Formatting the Sd card in any form will delete all the files it contains. So, please back up the files on the SD card first before you format (Music, Videos, Pictures, etc…)

Here I give the tutorial how to format SD Card!


Memory card/SD Card is one type of external storage, which is commonly used or installed on smartphones to increase the limited internal memory capacity of the smartphone. The memory card can also be full, so it needs to be formatted.

Sometimes we also need to format a memory card to erase all our stored data, when we want to change memory or when a memory card is corrupted or attacked by a virus so that it cannot be accessed, formatting a memory card is an effective way to handle it.

But how to format the SD Card? Here’s the tutorial! You can use Android, macOS, or Windows!


How to Format SDCard on Android
  • Insert your SD Card to your smartphone (Micro SD) and make sure the SDcard is mounted.
  • Go to your “Settings
  • Scroll down and find the “Storage” settings (Some devices have different feature, but just a little bit. Try to find it)
  • You’ll see the SDcard name along with the capacity, hit on it
  • You’ll direct to “Files” application/default application depended by your phone
  • Find the 3 dot button (top-right) and click it
  • Hit again at “Storage Settings
  • And choose “Erase or Format
  • Follow the guide according to your Android
  • Wait until DONE
The other way to Format an SD Card on Android is by using the 3rd application, just search “Format SD Card” at the Play Store.


How to Format SDCard on Mac
  • Insert the SD Card to your mac (Some mac maybe doesn’t have an SD Card slot, so you should buy an SD Card adaptor)
  • Make sure the SD Card is ready to explore
  • Open the “Finder” software
  • Hit on the “GO” button (at the bar menu)
  • Then choose “Utilities
  • Then double click at “Disk Utility
  • Hit the name of SD Card (External)
  • And hit “Erase” at the bar
  • Erase
  • Wait until finished


How to Format SDCard on Windows
  • Insert your SD Card to your PC/Laptop
  • Open “File Explorer” and make sure the SD Card already mounted
  • And hit at “This PC
  • You’ll see the SD Card also with the capacity
  • Hit on the SD Card name (Single Click)
  • Look at the “Drive Tool” above, click “Manage
  • Choose “Format
  • Hit “Start
  • The request permission will appear, hit OK
  • And wait until finished!

Well, That’s 3 Ways to Format SD Card on Android, macOS, or Windows!
Make sure you’ve backed up important data if you won’t lose them.

Some UI on Android maybe has a different style and the method, not the same as I show above, but I think the way won’t be too much different, First! try to find the “Storage” at the “Settings”

Have a problem or anything to ask me?
Let’s talk in the comment section.

See you next time!

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