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Prep Options You Can Use for Amazon SAA-C02 Certification Exam and Get the Passing Score from the First Try!

Do you want to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect? Then you need to pass the Amazon SAA-C02 exam to demonstrate that you have strengthened your knowledge of implementing cloud initiatives in a business environment. These test targets professionals who already have one year of practical experience using Certbolt technology. Therefore, when enrolling in this test, you should know how to manage networking, storage, compute, and database AWS services. Also, the vendor recommends the test-takers develop an understanding of AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS Management Console. Does it sound interesting to you already? Go through all the paragraphs in this article and discover the available preparation materials dedicated to the Amazon SAA-C02 evaluation.

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Use Official Preparation Materials

If you go on the test’s official page, you will find several training materials that will help you understand better what’s expected from your side. These study resources are available to the candidates for free. Apart from the exam guide which takes you through all the topics tested during the SAA-C02 evaluation, you will also have access to sample questions. Besides, you can register for a webinar dedicated to the Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. Another accessible preparation material is the AWS Well-Architected Framework whitepaper.

Improve Your Knowledge with Books Available on Amazon

You can supplement your preparation with some helpful books that you can find on the Amazon platform. They are published by different independent authors and offer additional preparation insights for the certbolt assessment. For example, you can buy the book published by Joyjeet Banerjee entitled ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition (Exam SAA-C02)’. This book offers complete coverage of all topics included in the test’s blueprint. The author shares his secrets on how to implement the theoretical concepts in a real business environment.

Don’t Forget About Practice Tests

Even though you use verified preparation resources and consider that they are enough to gain consolidated expertise for the certbolt evaluation, you shouldn’t forget about practice tests. They can help you in many ways. One of the main benefits that practice tests bring is that they help you get mentally ready. They simulate the real exam experience as they include very similar questions to the ones that you will find in the SAA-C02 assessment. Besides, with each attempt, you improve your time-management skills. During the SAA-C02 exam, you will need to be capable of answering 65 questions in 130 minutes. By constantly exercising using the practice tests, you will get closer to perfection and get rid of emotions. You can find reliable practice tests for the Amazon SAA-C02 assessment on such websites as Certbolt, ExamSnap, or Exam-Labs.


Training is crucial to get the passing score in the Amazon SAA-C02 exam from the first try. One of the simplest actions that examinees should take is exploring the available preparation resources. For this test, you can use the materials provided by the vendor. Also, you can enhance your capabilities while reading the books available on the Amazon selling platform. Finally, practice tests will tell you whether you are ready to take the Certbolt assessment or if you should study more.

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