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Active.sav | 佐藤利奈A Oneesan Japanese Quick Voice Set for PUBG Mobile

active.sav file free
 Active.sav | Sato Rina A (佐藤利奈A) 

Hei Heiiii…
I guess you guys looking for this one XD
Yup… the “Active.sav” file. haha… well, I have some file to change the general quick voice chat to Japanese quick voice chat.

Yeah, that’s “Active.sav
Active.sav – The file that includes users setting in PUBG Mobile Global, VN, Korean/Japan, iOS. and the voice chat setting it’s in the “Active.sav” file.

The Japanese voice chat file is from PUBG Mobile Kr/Jp (on Japan server), but also can be used for PUBG Mobile TW or Global.

On the previous post, I’ve given a few Active.sav file, you can read this thread: Active.sav | Japanese Voice Chat for PUBG Mobile.
If you still don’t know how to change the default voice chat to Japanese voice chat, please READ this: How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese Voice in PUBG MOBILE.

This Japanese quick voice chat file it’s still working perfectly on my PUBG Mobile KR, you can use this for iOS too, but I can’t write the tutorial to change quick chat Japanese voice for iOS, I don’t have iOS device 🙁 , if you know how to move this quick voice file, try it…


Here’s,,, I’ll give you Oneesan quick voice chat for you XD


Here’s my Active.sav Japanese Quick Voice Chat from PUBGM Kr/Jp. Just download this file and use for your PUBG Mobile KR/JP/Global/VN, & always remember I’m not responsible for what will happen to your account, DWYOR

  佐藤利奈A | Sato Rina A
Free Premium Active.sav file Voice
佐藤利奈A (Sato Rina A):  Oneesan type Premium Japanese Quick Voice Chat, Gentle Old Woman Quick Voice Chat

Please don’t Re-Upload my Active.sav file without my permission, This’s free to use but please don’t Re-Upload. Thank You!

  • Download the Japanese quick chat file above
  • Extract with ZIP Archiver or RAR or any FIle Manager that supports to extract files
  • Copy/Cut “Active.sav” file to …

If you use PUBG Mobile Global, Copy to Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / SaveGames / Paste and Replace Here ” 

If you use PUBG Mobile Korean/Japan, Copy to Android / data / com.pubg.krmobile / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / SaveGames / Paste and Replace Here ” 

  • Reboot your phone and play the game!

The Japanese Voice Chat it’s not available if you see on the inventory, but still working perfectly when you join the match

Well, that’s the Active.sav file of Oneesan Japanese Quick Voice Set for PUBG Mobile.
I hope you like this!


Have a problem when moving the file or other problems?
Type in the comment section!

See you next time.

6 thoughts on “Active.sav | 佐藤利奈A Oneesan Japanese Quick Voice Set for PUBG Mobile”

  1. It’s not working in match i tried so many times but it still not working. Is it really works in 0.18.0 version

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