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All You Need To Know About Water Pressure Regulators


As the name suggests, an electronic water pressure regulator is a specific device that lets the water flow at an optimal level according to the needs. Most of the time, the regulators are installed in the valves to reduce the flow of the water. This is why these particular devices are also known as step pressure-reducing valves (PRV).

Now coming to the high-pressure regulators, which are installed just after the main pipeline so that the flow of the water could be balanced from the very start. Otherwise, the exceptionally high pressure will make the weak and narrow pipelines burst, thereby causing trouble for the whole piping system in a home.

All You Need To Know About Water Pressure Regulators


The basic functionality of an electronic water pressure regulator depends upon the three settings which include:

  • A diaphragm
  • A sensitive spring
  • An external screw that is easily adjustable

When high-pressurized water enters the inlet valve of the regulator, both the diaphragm and spring bear unlimited stress. Due to this stress, they do not allow more water to pass through them at one time. Conversely, more water will be passed if its pressure is low as it will let the diaphragm and spring operate normally without any stress. But the electronic water pressure regulator allows either high or low-pressure water to be balanced at a nominal level. It avoids any disturbance to the whole piping system.

Where Are They Installed?

The advanced electric pressure regulators are installed in series with the main water shut-off line. This reduces the chances of water flow at higher pressures and you can use the low-pressurized water coming out of the taps.

Who Needs These Devices?

If the water in your house is coming from any direct city water line, chances are there that you may see changing pressures at certain times of the day. Now there are a couple of reasons for this scenario:

  • Cities require very high pressure of the water to be thrown out via fire hydrants
  • The pressure of the water is kept very high so that it travels against the force of gravity and moves to the upper crust of the ground

Testing Water Pressure Regulator:

It is very important to check whether the electronic water pressure regulator is working properly after installation or not. To do so, you need to attach the pressure gauges with the vale faucets. You may buy this equipment from any sanitary store.

Just after installation, open the inlet and outlet valves of the electronic pressure regulator for water and check the reading of the pressure gauge. If it is up to 50 psi, then the water pressure is stabilized, otherwise, try adjusting the regulator screw so that it reaches the desired pressure.

Some key Benefits:

The following are the advantages of water pressure regulators:

Better for Fixtures and Appliances:

The major application of the water pressure regulator is to regulate the flow of the water or any fluid flowing through it. Not only this but the device is designed to bear extreme pressure conditions of up to 350 psi. At high pressure, the strain is applied on each and every part of the regulator by the driving force of the fluid. Now here, the water flow regulator creates a steady pressure by either increasing or decreasing the original pressure. This helps to prolong the life of the device and increases its potential.

Reduction of Leakages:

Leakage is one of the most dangerous issues ever experienced during pipe or valve maintenance. The reason is that to repair or change a particular valve, the whole construction is damaged and then the valve is changed. In case you do not do so, the regulator will become fail to bear the extensive pressures and causes leaks. These severe leakages may give rise to hairline cracks. This is why you should change the regulator as soon as possible after any leakage issue is observed.

If you are seeking the best regulator supplier, Gennidh is the best option to go by. This manufacturer supplies regulators composed of the best possible materials which can bear extra amounts of sudden high pressures.

Pressure Stabilization:

Would you like to take a shower or washing utensils with water coming at the speed of a bullet? Absolutely not! A sudden rupture of water may also confuse you to handle its flow sometimes and that is why installing a regulator will help in stabilizing the water coming out of taps or showers at a laminar flow.

Wrapping It Up:

The electronic water pressure regulator is an electro-mechanical equipment that stabilizes the high pressure of the water at a low level to be used for domestic purposes. Besides, you must also keep checking the regulator so that it could be maintained or changed according to the needs.

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