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Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Players

Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player
 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan 

PUBG Mobile Korea or PUBG Mobile KRJP has unique features than the Global or Vietnam version. The server is only for the player from Japan or Korea. But the Japan and Korean servers have different features like items at the shop or quick voice chat.

When you playing the PUBG Mobile Korea but you login outside of Japan or Korean, the event items will not be shown! Why? Because this server is only for Japan or Korean players!

Both servers have different items at the shop, look this one

VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea
This’s the items from the Korean server at the shop
VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea
And this’s the items at the Japan server

If you haven’t connected to any servers with VPN, the shop will show you the items from the Korean server. So you can Gacha without any VPN!

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However the Japanese version has the unique features and I think you guys know this one, Japanese Quick Chat Voice Set! yup, this’s only in the Japan server.

VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea

Of course, Korea also has its own quick chat, but there aren’t many like those on Japanese servers

VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea

If you wanna get that Japanese quick voice chat, you must connect to Japan server with a VPN!
Here’s my suggestion VPN for you. Just search at the PlayStore and it’s free.

Not only that, but the two servers also have differences when there is an event, such as after version update or season change, Japanese and Korean servers will have different events. You can enjoy both by using a VPN!

Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player

1. WangVPN

Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player

The first VPN you must try is WangVPN, Well…
I’ve tried it and not bad! You can select between Japan or Korean servers to claim the event on PUBG Mobile Korea Japan.

2. Solo VPN

Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player

The first VPN that I’m used to joining the event in PUBG Mobile Korea.
Solo VPN has both Japan and Korean servers. so after you’re done with Japan sever, you can switch to the Korean server.

3. Totally Free VPN

Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player

Well… Until now I’m using this one!
Totally Free VPN has a lot of servers. Of course the Korean and Japanese servers. You can find the server with high speed up to 700mbps. This’s enough for claiming the event’s items both on Korean and Japanese servers!

Maybe if you using the VPN, the “ping” will be higher than usual, so isn’t playable I think!
I’m only using the VPN to collect the event’s items like “Donkatsu” or whatever. Not recommended to play the match while your phone connected to a VPN.

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Well, That’s Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Player! Just try by yourself.

Have a problem or anything to ask me?
Type in the comment section.

See ya next time!

5 thoughts on “Best 3 VPN for PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan Players”

  1. I've tested the vpn listed above(each VPN is set to Japan Server) with an internet speed test app and here's my results:
    1. WangVPN: it gives ±50% better ping but it makes the download and upload speed ±30% slower
    2. SoloVPN: dunno why it makes my internet much worse than before, ping bumped up to 1xxms and upload and download speed dropped to under 1MBps(even sometimes it shows 0Bps)
    3. Totally Free VPN: i've tried several Japan server on this VPN(some servers can connect, some can't) somehow i can't even test the internet speed, it keeps showing connecting but yeah the vpn notification shows connected

    My conclusion is, i think the result that VPN gives are similar to DNS. It depends on the provider you use. Please correct me if im wrong because this is just an opinion based on my experience (╭☞>ヮ<)╭☞

    btw for now im using UFO VPN, this is the best VPN that works for me so far.

  2. Efrain C. Dornez

    Podrias ayudarme con un problema? Descarge la version kr/jp pero solo puede usarse los audios koreanos, el juego solo tiene 2 idiomas, koreano y el Ingles…wtf(?? Necesito la version japonesa, que debo hacer? probare el vpn ahora

    1. Hi, just connect to Japan server with VPN then you’ll see the Japanese language. If you change the language to the Japanese version, you don’t need to use VPN for next login

      Change the language to English again for back to Korea version.

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