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Easy Way to Transfer Files between Android & macOS

Easy Way to Transfer Files between Android & macOS
 How to Transfer Files between macOS and Android? 

Easy to Transfer Files between Android & macOS
In this era, transfer files between 2 or more devices are very fastest in various ways, one of them is using a USB. But there’s a little difficulty for macOS users to transfer files from macOS to Android or Android to macOS. This is rather difficult because Apple’s devices do not easily provide access to other devices connected with Apple devices across platforms.

macOS –  is a series of graphical Operating Systems (OS) developed by Apple Inc. since 2001. macOS is the main Operating System for the Apple Mac family of computers. macOS is the second most used desktop OS, after Microsoft Windows.

This isn’t like transfer between Android and Windows or Linux, you can use the USB cable and connect the smartphone to your laptop/PC then select the MTP from Android.

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But on macOS, if you try to connect to your Android phone with a USB, only happened is charging! Even sometimes, it is not detected at all.

Now, what should I do? can I transfer the files between Android and macOS with the USB cable?
Of course, you can do it! There’s is always a way at NyaaTech XD

How to Transfer Files between Android & macOS

Easy Way to Transfer Files between Android & macOS

 Supports macOS 10.7 and higher 

  • Download Android File Transfer for Mac HERE
  • After download, Open the “AndroidFileTransfer.dmg” on your mac
  • Drag the “Android File Transfer” to “Applications
  • Connect your Mac and Android with USB
  • Open or Double Click at “Android File Transfer” from your Mac
  • If it successfully connected, you’ll see a window that displays files and folders that are on your Android phone. If not, unplug the USB and Plug it again!
  • Now you can copy, delete, or transfer file between your Mac and Android
Well done!
There are other ways like using the ShareIt application, you can transfer the file between macOS and Android over the Wi-Fi. or you can read How to Send the Large Files Between Android & PC with Direct Wi-Fi, Without USB Cable, Super Fast!, I don’t have to try it but maybe it will work! just try it XD
That’s Easy Way How to Transfer Files between Android & macOS with USB Cable!
Have a problem or anything to ask me?
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See ya next time!

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