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Robotic Hair Transplant Method Procedure and Benefits

Are you having excessive hair loss to the extent of going bald? No worries, since an innovative surgery called robotic hair transplant procedure comes to get you out of this difficult state. This procedure is absolutely different from a manual hair transplant.

Going bald tends to reduce self-confidence for some people. Baldness is commonly caused by aging, hormonal changes, heredity, and medical treatment side effects. Baldness due to genetic factors is quite difficult to cure, so hair transplantation can be an option.

Hair transplant methods are divided into two types. They are manual and robotic hair transplants. In essence, both procedures are done by removing hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site.

The donor site is part of your body where the hair follicles grow heavily. While the recipient site in the area of your body undergoes baldness. In medical terms, the site is also called a graft.

Which Is Better, Manual, or Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure?

The process of transplanting the graft with heavy follicles to the bald one requires high accuracy because the follicle size is extremely small. The hair transplantation is claimed to be less invasive. You may choose either robotic or manual hair transplantation.

1. Manual Hair Transplant Method

Manual Hair Transplant Method


This procedure needs to be done by a surgeon, manually of course. The result of the hair transplant procedure is most likely affected by the surgeon’s skill and experience. The surgeons’ physical condition affects their performance and determines the chance of success as well.

2. Robotic Hair Transplant Method

Robotic Hair Transplant Method

On the contrary to the manual method which is executed by humans, the robotic hair restoration method is executed by a machine or robot. Robots never undergo fatigue, so their performance is quite stable.

In addition, if the area of baldness is large enough, it will be time-consuming and difficult to be done by a surgeon alone. The hair transplant process with robotic technology is more effective to cover the whole scalp suffering baldness.

It is up to you whether you go for manual or robotic procedure. All depends on your hair condition. If you experience baldness on the whole scalp, robotic hair restoration is the good choice. Otherwise you can apply the manual procedure done by a certified surgeon.

Benefits of Having Robotic Hair Transplant

You can gain some benefits by applying robot technological hair transplantation to resolve baldness, as follows.

1. High Accuracy

High Accuracy

The most important thing in operating hair transplantation is accuracy. The grafts containing tiny follicles must be transplanted on the bald scalp with high precision. Or else, the result will not be good when your new hair starts to grow.

In transplanting hair, a surgeon usually needs to take a look closely to pick which follicles have good quality. The quality of follicles determines the hair density. A robotic technology can select the grafts where good quality follicles exist.

Most robotic hair transplant technology is supplied with a selection algorithm and art imaging system. These features are able to calculate hair density and select the highly qualified hair grafts on the donor area.

2. Optimal Result

Optimal Result

The system of robotic technological hair restoration enables you to get healthy and full hair once the treatment is done. It is thanks to the selection algorithm which can determine the fertile grafts where most follicles grow.

Since the device is able to detect the fertile graft at the donor area, it will bring good results toward the recipient area. It increases the possibility of getting beautiful and strong hairs that cover the bald scalp.

3. Low Risk

Low Risk

All medical technology must meet the standard that defines its eligibility. In this case the robotic hair transplant system should meet the quality requirements to minimize any risks during the transplantation process.

What kind of risk does the hair transplantation probably generate? Sometimes people who have had hair transplantation face reactions or symptoms that are relatively minor. These symptoms are considered as side effects like pain, bleeding, swelling, itching, numbness and infections.

The hair transplant utilizing robotic systems can minimize the risk of having these symptoms. When you get a manual hair transplant method, there is a possibility some existing hairs got damaged. It won’t happen if you apply the robotic method.

Things You Must Pay Heed to After Having Hair Transplantation

Once the hair transplant process is done, your hair will take some time to grow. In the meantime, you need to give good care on the area which has been transplanted with new grafts of follicles. Please pay heed to these following tips after you get hair transplantation.

1. Put on ice above your eyebrows to suppress swelling

Put on ice above your eyebrows to suppress swelling

On the fourth or fifth day after hair transplantation, there will be swelling as the after effect of the surgery. You can ease the swelling with the ice that gives a cool and calm sensation.

2. Don’t soak your scalp with the water stream directly

Dont soak your scalp with the water stream directly

You have to avoid the water stream blasting your scalp because it will increase the chance of the new grafts which undergo surgery to open. You better use a cup instead to wash your scalp.

3. Don’t rinse your hair for around 2 days

Dont rinse your hair for around 2 days

After you have a hair transplant, you cannot wash your hair for at least 48 hours. The bald scalp has just experienced a surgery so you have to keep it dry. It will help the healing process go faster.

4. Don’t expose your scalps to sunlight

Dont expose your scalps to sunlight

For around 2 weeks, you need to avoid sunlight. You can put on a hat to cover the scalps from sunlight exposure.

5. Don’t smoke and consume booze

Dont smoke and consume booze

Please avoid smoking and consuming booze after you have a hair transplantation process. Your new hair needs a good blood flow to help them grow well.

6. Avoid Hair Dye

Avoid Hair Dye

The reason why you have to avoid hair dye is because hair dye consists of strong chemicals. These chemicals potentially constrain the follicles in the recipient site to grow.

7. Restrict your activities

Restrict your activities

Make sure you don’t do activities that make you sweat a lot. The sweaty and damp condition is bad for the scalp who has just gone through surgery.

No matter what types of hair transplant method you choose to grow your hair, make sure you checked the eligibility of devices and surgeons. Anyway, the robotic hair transplant is a great solution if you want to get optimal results.


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