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How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese Voice in PUBG MOBILE

How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese's Voice in PUBG MOBILE

How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese’s Voice in PUBG MOBILE?

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PUBG Mobile is a very popular game lately, starting from PUBG STEAM until now it is releases
PUBG Mobile both for Android and IOS.

PUBG Mobile was developed by Bluehole’s Company, but now it is becoming KRAFTON Game Union.
Different from PUBG steam, there are some very interesting features in PUBG Mobile, one of which is a quick chat / quick voice feature.

A quick chat is a feature that only exists in PUBG Mobile, this feature is similar to regular chat but has a voice when we use it.
for example when we use chat “enemies ahead” a sign will appear where we hover over our aim.
so also the chat “I got Supplies” is used to mark items or weapons.

Suggestion: Active.sav File Collection for PUBG Mobile

before the tutorial, the PUBG mobile has several versions. of course with different features too
here are some PUBG Mobile versions

– PUBG Mobile Global (HK)
– PUBG Mobile KR / JP
– PUBG Mobile VN
– PUBG Mobile zh-CN (Game for Peace)
– PUBG Mobile TiMI CN

Very interesting is the PUBG Mobile Korea/Japanese version or PUBGM KR/JP.
Because in this version, we can change a quick chat to the Japanese version. like in Anime 🙂  do not believe it?  prove it yourself.

Then what about PUBG Mobile Global Version? can we change the quick chat to the Japanese version?
of course, you can 🙂 here we will show you how to change the quick chat on PUBG Mobile into Japanese voice both at PUBGM Global and PUBGM KR / JP.

Some Japanese’s version of Quick Voice Chat on PUBG Mobile
How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese's Voice in PUBG MOBILE
How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese's Voice in PUBG MOBILE

That is some premium Japanese’s voice chat, if you want to use a premium one, of course, you have to Gacha first and the rate to get it is very small. not up to 1% XD. The Japanese’s Quick Chat will usually update as the new season beginning or the game version updates.

So  How can I use premium Japanese voice chat without having to Gacha first? 

Of course,  you can because the voice chat file is not in the cloud server or our account only, but we can find it in the data folder.

” provided we have to log in first with an account that already has premium voice chat. then we set the voice chat as we like, then automatically the voice chat settings will be stored in the data folder “ 

How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese Voice in PUBG MOBILE


1. For PUBG Mobile KR/JP Users

  • Connect to the Japanese server with a VPN. You can use Solo VPN or VPN that provides a Japanese server
  • Open PUBG Mobile KR/JP and login as well
  • Go to Voice Chat Setting and You’ll see many of Japanese’s Quick Chat
  • There are 2 free Japanese voice chat, set the Quick Chat as you like

2. For PUBG Mobile Global Users

  • You must have a file  Active.sav  from PUBG Mobile KR/JP

 Active.sav is a file where the voice chat settings and others are saved  

  • Open your file manager and move  Active.sav  to “Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / SaveGames” . Paste Here and replace previous Active.sav
How to Change Voice Chat to Japanese's Voice in PUBG MOBILE
  • Reboot your phone and just play the game, not require VPN.
You can also use this method for PUBG Mobile KR/JP.
Here My Active.sav for You
Japanese Quick Chat Male Premium Version
More Premium Japanese Quick Voice Chat If the Active.sav file isn’t working after 0.14.0 update, please READ THIS
I hope you like this tutorial.
NyaaTech always will help you!
if you have any problem, please comment. if you like this post, please share.
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  1. i have a problem, i got the voice from premiun crate but when i play a game with Friends from global versión it doesn’t work, can i fix it?

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