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How to Install GB Whatsapp on your Phone?

How to Install GB Whatsapp on your Phone?

GB WhatsApp is a fantastic WhatsApp mod that comes with unique features. GB WhatsApp might be the modified version, but both apps work the same way. They are simple, user-friendly, easy-to-use apps that help you chat with family, friends, and loved ones.

The only difference between GB WhatsApp and simple WhatsApp is customization features and privacy control. GB WhatsApp comes with more advanced features that give you all the power to change the app’s appearance as you want.

Let’s follow the detailed guide to installing GB WhatsApp on your phone without wasting time.

Features of GB WhatsApp

The unique features of GB WhatsApp are why GB WhatsApp outshines other apps. Here’s a list of some prominent features that GB WhatsApp comes with.

  • You can easily download the status of anyone.
  • The app allows you to hide last seen, double ticks, double blue ticks, recording, and typing status.
  • You can view the hidden statuses and deleted messages.
  • You can send large videos and voice messages.
  • You can change the appearance of the app by changing backdrops, wallpapers, the color of fonts, the style of fonts, the launch logo, and much more.
  • You can send pictures of high quality.
  • You are allowed to put long status.
  • You can also send every kind of file that WhatsApp does not allow you to send.

Install GB WhatsApp on your Phone

If you want to install GB WhatsApp on your phone, you have to download the apk file of GB WhatsApp. I have given the complete guide on installing GB WhatsApp on your phone. Make sure to read it all and follow every step to download and install GB WhatsApp.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Open the Security tab.
  • Enable installing from unknown sources there.
  • After giving permission, open any browser you want.
  • Search for the GB WhatsApp app.
  • Download the apk file.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it.
  • Click on install to install GB WhatsApp on your phone.
  • When the app is installed, open it.
  • Enter your phone number and OTP code to verify.
  • Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GB WhatsApp not installed?

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial mod of WhatsApp. These mods work with third servers and are not supported by the Google play store; this might be why you can’t find GB WhatsApp on the Google play store and can’t install it.

You are unable to install GB WhatsApp because of space. If your phone has less space, it won’t install GB WhatsApp.

How to start GB WhatsApp?

To start GB WhatsApp, you have to download and install the app of GB WhatsApp. after installing GB WhatsApp, enter your number and OTP code. If you have any backup files of chats, rename them to GB WhatsApp and then restore them to start the app.

Final Words

GB WhatsApp is the most famous and most used mode of WhatsApp. With its unique features, WhatsApp users worldwide prefer using GB WhatsApp.

You can download and install GB WhatsApp on your phone with just a few clicks. All you need to do is download the GB WhatsApp app and install it.


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