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How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)

How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)

Creating a fake gaming profile has many benefits. But, how exactly do you make one?

There are around 25-26 million people gaming as we speak, according to Steam. The numbers go up and down, and sometimes even further than double that. But, not all those IDs playing on Steam or any other platform is real.

In fact, many users employ bogus IDs to game online and secure their anonymity. However, some people question the ethical nature of it and if it should be allowed. Whereas some people encourage it, thus why VPNs are so common among gamers.

However, what benefit exactly does using fake gaming profiles provide? Moreover, how do you even make one? In order to understand that, we’ll talk about:

  • What are fake gaming profiles?
  • Who uses such bogus gaming profiles?
  • Are using these profiles illegal?
  • Benefits of using fake gaming profiles
  • How can you make fake gaming profiles?

Therefore, let’s get started and find the answers to all these questions.

What Are Fake Gaming Profiles?

Fake gaming profiles or bogus gaming profiles are when a user signs up with a fake or non-existent identity. This process includes using bogus or non-existent elements, which may or may not include:

  • Fake address
  • Fake names
  • Fake billing information
  • Bogus personal information
  • Bogus emails and phone numbers

The process requires one to make things up as they go in order to sign up. Since a lot of gamers test out platforms and websites before using them, this is a common practice among them. That’s why it requires them to be thorough and articulate with even the bogus information.

The most common element of fake gaming profiles is using a bogus name. This could be made up or something that might have a funny innuendo. Regardless of that, some people still question the intention and ethical nature behind it.

This causes a rift between gamers and people who have been victims of stolen identities. That’s why there’s a practice that involves using completely made-up names and addresses instead of using someone else’s information.

Therefore, many people in the gaming community have grown patient with this practice and use it to provide

Who Uses Such Bogus Gaming Profiles?

There are many people who use these profiles nowadays. Not too long ago, it was considered an unethical practice. However, now it’s a shield to protect your personal information from phishing or other sorts of scams and spam.

However, to help you understand the common user base of bogus gaming profiles, here are some of them:

  • Hardware Benchmarkers
  • Gaming Benchmarkers
  • Avid gamers
  • Hardware testers
  • YouTubers
  • Streamers

Therefore, anyone that you could think of might be using these bogus IDS. Not only does it provide anonymity, but it also ensures that your primary account is safe from any sort of attack or malpractice. Many in the gaming and computing community thoroughly use VPN and this tactic.

Are Using These Profiles Illegal?

The answer to this question comes down to the intention of the user. For many people, it’s a way to protect their ID and avoid getting doxed by internet trolls. For others, it’s a meaning to troll with other people. Therefore, it’s alright as long as you’re not using it for these purposes:

  • To sell fake gaming hacks
  • To sell cheat codes
  • To troll other gamers
  • To scam another gamer
  • To hack gaming lobbies
  • To sell products unlawfully

On the other hand, you should be focusing on the right intentions, such as:

  • Ensuring anonymity
  • Avoiding scams
  • Avoiding phishing
  • Avoid giving out personal information

Therefore, as long as you’re on the right side of things, it’s okay to stay anonymous using a bogus ID.

Benefits of Using Bogus Gaming Profiles

It may not be an agreeable element for a lot of people. However, using a fake or bogus ID does serve its purpose. Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned anonymity countless times. It’s not only true but also one of the main reasons using fake IDs is a common practice.

However, as mentioned before, it’s important to understand that you must be on the right side of things. And if you are, then the benefits of using such profiles can be:

  • Avoid paying for fake or bogus games
  • Avoid getting scammed
  • Ensure safety from hackers
  • Ensure safety from phishing tools
  • Avoid being hacked by spyware
  • Avoid using personal/work emails
  • Ensure personal security by using a fake address

Therefore, anonymity remains a major benefit of using these profiles. But, by providing you a shield of non-existent IDs, using such accounts can secure you and your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.

How To Create Fake Gaming Profiles?

Now that essentials are out of the way, let’s help you create a fake gaming profile:

  1. Use A Fake Address Generator  

Using a fake generator is one of the first requirements. Therefore, we’ll be using a fake address generator since you need to generate a few things, such as:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Names
  • Personal info, etc.

All these are thoroughly tended to by this generator, and that’s why it’s in our demonstration.

  1. Pick A Country

After you visit the tool’s page, you’ll have to pick a country. You can pick your own or the one that the game you’re signing up for requires.

How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)

Therefore, we’ve just clicked on the US and then clicked on generate.

  1. Generate The Address

Once we click on generate, the tool takes a second or two to generate the information you need. Then, you’ve scrolled down automatically to a page like this:

How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)How To Manipulate Gaming Profiles Using Fake Address Generator? (More Safer)

All this information is generated and non-existent. Therefore, you don’t have to doubt that you’re using another person’s ID. So, you can use this for any signup process.

  1. Use The Info On Desired Platform

Now, it’s important to note that you can use this information on any of your desired platforms. However, you have to make sure you sign up with a real email. You can take the one from the generated results and make it since it doesn’t really exist. After that, use it on any gaming platform you like.


There you have it, folks, the main reasons to use a fake address generator to sign up for a fake gaming account. The word “fake” might sound a bit shady, but it’s all good if you use it to secure your personal information.


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