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How to Download Line Sticker for Free & Convert for WA Sticker!

download premium line sticker for free

Hello there! How are u? Wanna try cool trick? Let’s download all of the premium LINE stickers for free! Of course, you should use the sticker for WhatsApp o Telegram. If you wanna use for Line, then you need to buy it XD support the author.

LINE is a freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video, and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences. Wikipedia

it’s same like WhatsApp and Telegram 🙂

The Line is also known for its numerous stickers. But to get it, you’ve to pay first, and the price is not expensive. But if you want to change it to sticker WhatsApp, then you can try in the following way

How to Download All Line Sticker for Free

  • Open “” and search for a sticker that you want to download
  • Have you chosen it?

how to download line sticker for free

  • Now look at URL, then “Copy” the “ID” of sticker

convert line sticker to whatsapp sticker

  • Open “” in the new tab
  • Replace “id” with the sticker ID that you’ve copied before
  • Example: “

line sticker for whatsapp

  • Then Enter and download it

downloaad line sticker

It will give you a Zip file containing the PNG stickers! Then you can convert it for WhatsApp

How to Convert Line Sticker to WhatsApp Sticker?

To be able to use the LINE sticker for WhatsApp, actually, you need to create it with an application called “WhatsApp Sticker” first, but you can use the 3rd applications like “WA Sticker Maker

  • Get any application of “WhatsApp Sticker Maker” on PlayStore or AppStore if you an iOS user, I’m using “StickerMaker” by Ido Ideas. Click here
  • Install and Open it.
  • Click on “+” button and type your “Sticker’s Name” and “Creator’s Name“, You can use your name or whatever
convert sticker telegram to whatsapp
  • Select your LINE stickers that are already extracted, you can select multiple stickers
  • hit on “ADD TO WHATSAPP
Convert Sicker from Telegram for Whatsapp
How to Convert Sicker from Telegram to Whatsapp
How to Convert Sicker from Telegram to Whatsapp
  • That’s all

Wanna try it? Drop a comment below if you meet any problem. Neko


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